Standing Up For Your Rights

Having spent part of his legal career defending employers, attorney Nicholas Sarris recognizes and understands how difficult an employer can make it for an employee to come forward with a claim for discrimination or a wage-and-hour violation. He has seen employment law cases from both sides of the courtroom, and he knows what it takes to effectively represent employees. Mr. Sarris serves as an advocate for the American worker by dedicating his practice to protecting employee rights.

If you are an employee in the Los Angeles County area and you have experienced workplace discrimination, harassment or retaliation, or your employer is guilty of wage-and-hour violations, Nicholas Sarris is a lawyer who will help you by working as your advocate, legal counsel and friend. For your free case evaluation call his Westlake Village office at 805-791-2080 or send an email.

Protection Against Discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission offers protection to all American workers who have suffered workplace discrimination, harassment or retaliation. Unfortunately, even with protections in place, discrimination in the workplace still occurs. The assistance of legal counsel with experience in these areas of employment law is a valuable asset to individuals struggling through the aftermath of workplace discrimination.

Whether you face workplace discrimination or harassment based on age, sex, religion or race, or you have experienced retaliation from your employer after asserting your rights, you will find protection in the strong, capable and dedicated hands of N. Sarris Law. Located in Westlake Village, this law firm represents clients in Los Angeles and Ventura counties and throughout Southern California.

Your Wage-And-Hour Rights Resource

You have the right to earn a fair wage, the right to timely payment and the right to reasonable working hours. Unfortunately, many businesses violate these rights. Worse yet, a violation of your wage-and-hour rights may be an indicator of a larger problem. Filing a wage-and-hour violation claim is understandably a big step. However, by doing so, whether on your own or as part of a class action, you can set a precedent for fair pay that will protect you and your co-workers in the future.

If you believe your employer is violating your wage-and-hour rights, attorney Nicholas Sarris can help you seek justice. With a comprehensive case analysis, Mr. Sarris will identify all alleged wage-and-hour violations and work to hold your employer accountable.