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N. Sarris Law, located in Westlake Village, provides the residents of Greater Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California with reliable employment law representation. Dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients, attorney Nicholas Sarris is available Monday through Friday, with evening and weekend hours offered as well.

Regardless of the legal battle you face, whether discrimination, retaliation or a wage-and-hour violation, Nicholas Sarris is a lawyer you can trust. Well-versed in all areas of employment law, attorney Sarris will thoroughly examine every aspect of your case and give you practical, straightforward legal advice to guide you through your case and on toward a positive resolution.

Knowledgeable In All Areas Of Employment Law

Attorney Nicholas Sarris began his legal career on the other side of the courtroom as counsel to large corporations. He has experience in all areas of employment law and uses his vast knowledge to provide clients with the dedicated and comprehensive representation necessary to protect their interests. His knowledge and experience give him great insight into all aspects of employment cases. Attorney Sarris knows what to expect from employers, and he will use his understanding of employment law to advocate for you.

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