Protecting Workers Against Wage-And-Hour Violations

American workers have the right to earn adequate pay. The law offers protection regarding minimum wage, the hours you may work, and when and how your employer must pay you. N. Sarris Law represents California employees fighting wage-and-hour violations. With in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of employment law, attorney Sarris fights for an employee's right to adequate compensation.

For an explanation of your employment rights and the support of a strong and reliable lawyer, you can turn to the law office of Nicholas Sarris. Call 805-791-2080 or email the office to schedule a free initial consultation at the firm's Westlake Village office location.

Understand Your Rights

If you believe your employer is denying the rights afforded to you by law regarding minimum wage, unpaid overtime or hours worked contact the law office of Nicholas Sarris. His comprehensive knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act, federal statutes and California state employment law makes it possible for him to explain your rights in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Attorney Sarris has the skills and experience necessary to provide you with exceptional legal advice for your wage-and-hour claim.

Many times it is not just one person who experiences wage-and-hour violations or violations due to employee misclassification. If your co-workers are also experiencing the same unlawful practices, attorney Nicholas Sarris can help. No case is too big or small and every employee deserves strong representation, quality legal advice and the chance to obtain a favorable outcome. Fighting diligently for fair compensation for workers throughout Greater Los Angeles, Mr. Sarris dedicates his efforts to protecting the rights of each and every employee.